“An inspiring book about love in its purest form” – JANE GOODALL

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Melody Horrill

Melody Horrill is an Australian author and award-winning broadcast journalist, presenter, and documentary producer. Her memoir A Dolphin Called Jock (4.5 star reviewed) and its US/UK equivalent The Dolphin Who Saved Me has received accolades from notable international authors and conservationists, including endorsement by Dr Jane Goodall DBE, United Nations Messenger for Peace. Her book is listed in the top ten inspirational books of internationally renowned animal ethicist, Dr. Koen Margodt.

Melody is well-known in Australia for her passionate writing and filming about science and the environment, in particular the wild river dolphins in Adelaide, South Australia. Her documentary A Dance with a Dolphin was broadcast across the nation and around the world on CNN and her documentary about South Australian Whales was used as an educational piece for visitors to the SA Whale Centre. She is co-chair of the Jane Goodall Institute’s Cetacean Committee and is a passionate advocate for marine mammals and ocean preservation and is an Ambassador for the Kangaroo Island and Victor Harbor Dolphin Watch.

Watch the video about why Melody wrote her memoir, A Dolphin Called Jock.

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'The Dolphin Who Saved Me' has been published in the US, Canada and the UK and is available in print, eBook and audio.

‘With the heart wrenching vulnerability of The Glass Castle and the spiritual journey of H is for Hawk, this stunning debut memoir tells the story of a traumatized young woman’s friendship with a wild, injured dolphin whose habitat she fights to save’. Greystone Books.

When Melody Horrill arrived at university, she was a troubled and lost young woman, hiding behind a carefully crafted exterior. She had experienced a childhood wracked by domestic violence that was as damaging as it was brutal.

One day Melody volunteered to help her lecturer monitor pods of local river dolphins. There for the first time she encountered Jock, a solitary dolphin with a maimed fin, who lived apart from the highly social pods. Melody was to form a bond with Jock that gave her the key to freeing herself from the demons of her own past, and their extraordinary friendship was the start of a long-term mission to try to save the river dolphins.

Beautifully written and filled with insight and compassion, Melody’s memoir details her life-changing friendship with the wild river dolphins, and how Jock helped her to heal.

So well written you will feel you are actually in the water with them…an inspiring book about love in its purest form.”

– Dr Jane Goodall, DBE

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Melody is an inspirational Professional Speaker and loves to share her unique story of resilience, hope and connection.

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